Envelope Adhesive Paper Sticking Machine TY320

Description of Envelope Adhesive Paper Sticking Machine:
1. This kind of envelope machinery is an ideal automatic equipment for sealing, rubber coating and paper-tape pasting of Chinese-style and Western-style envelopes, express post envelopes, thick paper, and paper boxes.
2. Just open the paper tape when sealing, convenient and easy.
3. It has the advantages of low power expenditure, easy adjusting, accurate orientation, etc.

Technical Specification of Envelope Adhesive Paper Sticking Machine:
Max. working speed 10000 pcs/hour
Size of envelope Max. 400×280mm Min. 120×100mm
Thickness of envelope (multiplayer) 120-400 g/ m2
Length of paper 320mm
Width of paper 15-40mm
Motor power 1.5KW
Power of vacuum pump 2KW
Machine weight 1000Kg
Overall dimension 2800×1000×1650mm