Screen Printing Machine

    1. Manual Screen Printing Machine For our WPKB series of screen printing machines, the ink scraper adopts pneumatic feeding. The machine also makes use of frequency control, and stepless speed regulation, which help ensure stable running.
    1. Multi-color Automatic Rotating Screen Printing Machine The WPKY series of multi-color automatic rotating screen-printing machine has the functions of automatic steady rotating, precise positioning, and automatic printing at uniform speed. The ink scraper of the machine adopts pneumatic feeding, with microadjustment.
    1. Full Automatic Oval Screen Printing Machine The cooling station can effectively reduce the screen blocking caused by water-based rubber cement. An ultrasonic humidifier is optional to eliminate screen blocking.
      The humanized design, as well as the HMI, realizes simple operation.
    1. Pneumatic Pad Printing Machine With a microcomputer control system, the pneumatic pad printing machine is easy for operation.
      4-digit auto-counter is available.
      The machine frame is made using high quality aluminium alloy, which ensures light weight and high strength.
    1. Vertical Screen Printing Machine, WPKH The WPKH series of vertical screen printing machine has its screen printing plate lifted up and down vertically, with independent mechanical transmission. The printing units of the machine are moved horizontally as right and left. With servo control and stepless speed regulation, our vertical screen printing machine has stable and reliable performance.
    1. UV Curing Machine, WPF-UV700 1. Our UV curing machine makes use of Fl-Fe nylon conveyor belt and stepless speed regulating system to ensure steady running.
      2. High power UV lamp is used for faster solidifying.