Automatic Slitting Machine

    1. Automatic Slitting Machine This cutting machine is widely applied for rewinding and slitting various roll type materials such as plastic film, glassine, paper sheet etc.
      Controlled by microcomputer, it has the functions of photoelectrical rectifying, automatic counting, manual adjustment, unwinding and rewinding by magnetic powder
    1. DYW High Speed Aluminum Foil Embossing Machine Main control: China INOVANC Brand PLC and MCGS brand touch screen, with function of meter counting and automatic stop when reach preset length, rest length detecting, linear speed regulation.
    1. MQGB-A Aluminum Foil Lid Punching Machine This Punching machine can punch not only aluminum foil but also PE, PP, PET laminated aluminum foil. The punching mold is customized for minimizing the scrap and can be used for a long time.