Flexo Plate Making Machine

1. The flexo plate making machine comes with stainless steel housing for good durability and outstanding rust resistance.
2. It is equipped with dedicated metal halid lamp and the ballast purchased from PHILIPS. The variable frequency ballast makes for outstanding platemaking performance of the flexo plate making equipment.
3. Apart from the vacuum film imported from Toyobo, the flexo plate making machine is also installed with full automatic control system for convenient operation and digital integrated temperature sensor imported from America.
4. The plate washing motor is from Japan Panasonic or Oriental. In addition, the ORIX air knife for drying with constant temperature has powerful and rapid drying capacity.
5. Coming with PHILIPS UVC light source, the automatic plate making device is the optimal choice for making flexo plate. This product supports exposure, plate washing, drying, and stickum removal.

Technical Parameters of Flexo Plate Making Machine
Model YG-4334 YG-6040 YG-9060 YG-120100
Plate making size 430×340mm 600×400mm 900×600mm 1200×1000mm
Overall dimension (W×D×H) 710×610×1050mm 860×710×1050mm 1190×910×1150mm 1500×1310×1160mm
Power 2.2kW 2.3kW 3.5kW 3.8kW