Paper Bag Bottom Gluing Machine, ZB50B

The paper bag bottom gluing machine ZB50B is developed for the paper bag with or without extra bottom paperboard. The paper bag bottom will be glued through the process such as automatic material feeding, glue spraying, gluing, and compressing.

1. The paper bag making machine employs touch screen and four spray guns controlled by optic fibre controller.
2. The four spray guns can be used synchronously or separately, with independent control on glue spraying amount and glue distribution of each gun.
3. Applicable for various kinds of paper bags, the paper bag bottom gluing machine is distinguished by uniform glue spraying, high accuracy, and high production capacity.
4. Taking hot melt adhesive as raw material, this paper bag bottom gluing equipment has fast spraying speed for outstanding production continuity.
5. A self-developed controller is installed on the automatic paper hand bag bottom gluing machinery for accurate control on the glue spraying device.

Specification of Paper Bag Bottom Gluing Machine
Max. sheet size (L×W) 500×500mm
Sheet thickness 157-300gsm
Bottom thickness 60-180mm
Speed 100pcs/min
Glue Hot-melt glue
Power consumption 5.5kW
Total weight 1500kg
Machine size 4335×1440×1590mm