Paper Tube Re-Cutting Machine, Q1-1500

The paper tube re-cutting machine Q1-1500 is applicable for short paper tubes. The paper tube cutting equipment comes with HMI for easy operation. The PLC for the main circuit makes for the stable performance of the automatic paper tube cutter. Thanks to the automatic closing device, automatic paper tube cutting unit, and automatic opening device, it is quite easy for the user to grasp the operating skill of the paper tube cutter.

Technical Parameters of Paper Tube Re-Cutting Machine
Tube length 50-1500mm
Tube diameter 30-200mm
Tube wall-thickness 1-10mm
Blade quantity 6
Cutting mode Rotary cutting
Loading and unloading Manual control
Blade feeding way Pneumatic
Operator 1 person
Speed controller Frequency inverter
Overall dimension 2400×550×1200mm
Weight 500kg