Paper Tube Forming Machine, JY-200B

This paper tube forming machine is specially offered for edge curling and capping for composite can, calendar paper tube, tea caddy and cake box with paper lid. In addition, the paper tube making machine is also applicable for composite can with lip made of tinplate.

1. This range of paper tube forming machine is applicable for large-scale production of composite cans.
2. Possessing multiple functions, the composite can forming machine supports automatic edge curling and capping.
3. The maximum diameter of the paper tube can be 400mm and the height can be 500mm.
4. The numerical control touch screen and the PLC are conducive to the easy switch of the three production modes.

Technical Parameters of Paper Tube Forming Machine
Roller quantity 3-24 layers
Tube diameter 20-300mm
Tube wall-thickness 2-15mm
Tube core mould fixing method Chuck with three claws
Winding head 4
Cutting mode Round knife
Gluing way Double sides
Operator required 2-3 person
Winding speed 3-20m/min
Speed control Frequency inverter
Overall dimension 3800×2000×1800mm
Installation space 13000×9000mm
Weight 3000kg