Creasing and Die Cutting Machine

Features of Creasing and Die Cutting Machine:
1. The main body is made from top grade material, with high rigidity
2. Adopt 4-step helical gear mechanism for smooth running, large pressure and low noise
3. Adopt single-disc electromagnetic clutch for reliable and flexible action
4. Electrical system is designed according to IEC standard
5. Centralized lubrication system

Application of Creasing and Die Cutting Machine:
This kind of converting machinery is widely used to crease and die-cut ordinary cardboard, corrugated board, plastic sheet and leather products in printing, packaging and plastic industries.

Technical Specification of Creasing and Die Cutting Machine:
Model Inner Frame Size Speed Max. Creasing &Die Cutting Length Motor Power Machine Weight Overall Dimensions
ML-710 710×500mm 25±2 strokes/min < 15m 2.2kw 1800kg 1500×1400×1300mm
ML-930 930×660mm 23±2 strokes/min < 25m 4kw 3200kg 1720×1530×1620mm
ML-1100 1100×800mm 20±2 strokes/min < 32m 5.5kw 4500kg 1860×1760×1700mm
ML-1300 1300×920mm 20±2 strokes/min < 40m 5.5kw 5600kg 2300×2150×2050mm
ML-1400 1400×1000mm 18±2 strokes/min < 45m 5.5kw 6500kg 2500×2200×2200mm
ML-1500 1500×1080mm 18±2 strokes/min < 48m 7.5kw 8000kg 2600×2300×2300mm
ML-1600 1600×1250mm 16±2 strokes/min < 50m 11kw 12000kg 2650×2300×2400mm
ML-1800 1800×1280mm 16±2 strokes/min < 50m 11kw 13500kg 2750×2300×2500mm
ML-2000 2000×1400mm 14±2 strokes/min < 55m 15kw 18000kg 2900×2350×2700mm