Anilox Roller Washing Machine, QXJ-450

Working Principle
The anilox roller washing machine QXJ-450 utilizes transducer to convert the supersonic frequency electric signal into high frequency mechanical vibration. The molecule of the cleaning agent will vibrate under the action of the ultrasonic wave, producing innumerable small bubbles. The instantaneous formation and burst of the bubbles generate powerful impact force. Together with the automatic rotating device and the liquid circulating system for the anilox roller washing machine, the impact force will clean the ink, debris and other dirt in the anilox roller surface and the mesh, rapidly.

1. The anilox roller washer is applicable for all metal anilox roller and ceramic anilox roller.
2. By virtue of the 100 mesh stainless steel screen for the anilox roller cleaning equipment, the cleaning liquid can be reused, saving the production cost for the users, greatly.
3. Thanks to the stepless variable speed motor, the cleaning machine for anilox roller can be adjusted at will, to satisfy diversified cleaning needs.

Technical Parameters
Model QXJ-450 Anilox Roller Washing Machine
Vibrator quantity 20
Ultrasonic power 600W
Ultrasonic frequency 25 or 40 KHZ
Heating power 1kW
Power supply 220V, 1-phase, 50-60Hz
Washing tank dimension 660×280×200mm
Overall dimension 880×460×730mm
Weight 90kg