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Aluminum Foil Metalizing Machine (Washing Machine)

This machine is suitable for metalized or hologram embossed BOPP, PET, PVC material, it is able to achieve the partial transparent effect on soft packages, in any position and shape. Machine controlled by PLC, with both water-wash and chemical-wash functions. The chemicals which used in this machine working process are energy saving and environment friendly, with low cost and consumption. This machine is also capable to avoid the damage that might happen to the product during processing, like wrinkling and shrinking. With fast drying system, and ultrasonic automatic web guiding device, the rewinding can be very nicely done.

Main Technical Parameter
Model Working width (mm) Working speed Winding diameter (mm) Water supply pressure ( mp) Total power (kw) Machine dimension (cm) Heating Weight (t)
(M/min) (t)
Q/WKLJ2-800 700 60~100 700 >0.2 20 720×160×185 Stainless steel heating tube 2.8
Q/WKLJ2-1100 1000 60~100 700 >0.2 20 720×180×185 3
Q/WKLJ2-1400 1300 60~100 700 >0.2 24 720×210×185 3.5
Q/WKLJ2-1700 1600 60~100 700 >0.2 28 720×240×185 4

Note: Machine working width can be designed up to customer’s requirements.

Metalized film, hologram embossed film, transfer film or printing film.
BOPP thickness 20~100μm
PET thickness 12~100μm
PVC thickness 30~200μm