Hot Stamping and Die Cutting Machine

Description of Hot Stamping and Die Cutting Machine:
1. It is controlled by single-chip microprocessor
2. Foil-feeding rubber roller of electrochemical aluminum is driven by stepper motor
3. The user can use two or threes sets of stepper motor at the same time
4. The length and leapfrog parameters of electrochemical aluminum foil-feeding can be set according to different size of stamping foil
5. This kind of converting machine is simple to use and convenient to maintain

Application of Hot Stamping and Die Cutting Machine:
1.This machine is a kind of packaging converting machinery used for thermal printing and creasing various products, such as cardboard, leather and plastic etc.
2. It is suitable for thermal printing various paper products with electrochemical aluminum
3. It also can be used for die cutting and creasing cardboard cases and boxes

Technical Specification of Hot Stamping and Die Cutting Machine:
Model TYMQ1100 TYMQ930 TYMQ710
Effective area of plane 1100×800mm 930×670mm 710×500mm
Total electro thermal power 9(kw) 9(kw) 4.5(kw)
Thermoregulation range 1-199℃ 1-150℃ 1-150℃
Continuous hot stamping speed 20(Storks/min) 22(Storks/min) 25(Storks/min)
Volume of common foil-feeding 1-800mm 1-600mm 1-500mm
Leapfrog frequency 1-99 times 1-99 times 1-99 times
Foil-feeding resolution factor 1mm 1mm 1mm
Motor parameters 4(kw)/6(Series) 4(kw)/4(Series) 2.2(kw)/6(Series)
Overall dimension( Lx W x H ) 1900×200×1900mm 1500×1700×1620mm 1300×1300×1700mm
Net weight 5000kg 3500kg 2000kg