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Label Printing Converting Machinery

    1. Label Slitting Machine with Rotary Die-cutting Station DK-G label slitting machine is equipped with a high accurate rotary die-cutting system.
      It can finish die cutting, laminating (optional), and slitting at a stroke, and is ideal for processing blank adhesive labels.
    1. Label Auto Slitting Machine Be applied to slitting small size reel material
      With the functions of automatic meter counting, length setting, automatic stopping and web guiding by photocell
    1. Desktop Type Flexo Plate Mounting Machine This Desktop Type Flexo Plate Mounting Machine has high precision linear guide rails for horizontal positioning. The camera position is adjustable vertically, by using a precision screw rod system.
    1. Intermittent PS Label Offset Printing Machine Adopting PS plate intermittent printing, this kind of converting machinery is suitable for printing small-volume, medium-scale and large quantities of high-grade adhesive labels.
    1. Label Flexographic Printing Machine 1. This kind of converting machinery is widely used to print notes and top-grade adhesive labels for printing houses.
      2. It can perform the processes of material-feeding, printing, varnishing, drying, laminating, die-cutting, rewinding and sheetering in one go.
    1. Automatic Label Inspecting Machine This defective label inspecting equipment is capable of distinguishing the imperfect labels rapidly, such as skip printing, color difference, overprinting, scratch, etc. The automatic label detector is distinguished by fast testing speed and high accuracy.
    1. Label Die Cutting Machine 1. This type of converting machinery is suitable for die cutting adhesive paper, dacron label and laser hologram mark.
      2. It is the ideal auxiliary equipment for flexo printing machine, silk screen printing machine, gravure printing machine and hologram mark printing machine.
    1. Rotary Semi-Rotary Label Die Cutting Machine For semi-rotary die cutting mode, the tension of the unwinder is the same with that of the deviation correcting system. Therefore, deviation can be fully eliminated during label conveying.
    1. Anilox Roller Washing Machine The anilox roller washer is applicable for all metal anilox roller and ceramic anilox roller.
      By virtue of the 100 mesh stainless steel screen for the anilox roller cleaning equipment, the cleaning liquid can be reused, saving the production cost for the users, greatly.
    1. Flexo Plate Making Machine Coming with PHILIPS UVC light source, the automatic plate making device is the optimal choice for making flexo plate. This product supports exposure, plate washing, drying, and stickum removal.