DTCP-A4-5 Paper Sheeting and Wrapping Machine

DTCP-A4-5 Paper Sheeting and Wrapping Machine (one roll economic type)

The DTCP-A4-5 paper sheeting and wrapping machine is a highly automated piece of equipment utilized for paper reel unwinding, sheeting, counting, conveying and wrapping. This wrapper is a comprehensive unit that greatly minimizes labor in your workshop and speeds up the production process as a result.

Model DTCP-A4-5
Sheeting unit
Shaftless unwinding stands 1
Max.paper reel width 846mm
Paper reel diameter 400-1200mm
Paper thickness 60-100 gsm
Sheeting length 297mm
Max.ream height 65mm
Paper cutting precision ±0.2mm
Overall dimension 6800*6600*1800mm
Wrapping unit
Production efficiency 5-6 reams/min
Ream size (500pcs A4) 210*297*50mm
Wrapping paper size 550-560*386mm
Overall dimension 3400*3300*1600mm