Rotary Semi-Rotary Label Die Cutting Machine, ZM-320

The rotary semi-rotary label die cutting machine employs the control system and servo system from famous company in Germany. The rotary label die cutter is composed of unwinder, deviation correcting unit, film laminator, registering device, die cutter, slitter, and rewinder.

1. Based on actual production demand, customer can choose rotary or semi-rotary die cutting mode, at will.
2. For semi-rotary die cutting mode, the tension of the unwinder is the same with that of the deviation correcting system. Therefore, deviation can be fully eliminated during label conveying.
3. Thanks to the magnetic roller for the rotary semi-rotary label die cutting machine, users only needs to change the flexible die cutter for the processing of different products.
4. This label die cutting equipment is characterized by fast operating speed, high accuracy, simple operation, high efficiency, and low cost.
5. User can switch the semi-rotary mode to rotary mode through the operation on the touch screen of the automatic label die cutting machine and install the related die cutting roller for rotary cutting, which greatly improves the label cutting quality and the working efficiency.

Specification of Rotary Semi-Rotary Label Die Cutting Machine
Max. die cutting speed 120m/min (Rotary)
65m/min (Semi-rotary)
Max. die cutting length 190.5-539.75mm (Rotary)
100-350mm (Semi-rotary)
Max. die cutting width 300mm
Max. web width 320mm
Max. unwinder diameter 700mm
Max. rewinder diameter 600mm
Die cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
Slitting width 20-300mm
Power supply 380V, 3-phase
Weight 2400kg
Overall Dimension 3200×1680×1660mm