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Guillotine Paper Cutting Machine

    1. Programmable Paper Cutting Machine The programmable paper cutting machine of YPW-T series is configured with a Panasonic frequency converter and a 7.8 inch display. The data resolution rate reaches up to 0.01mm, and the memory capacity is 100 groups (200cuts/group).
    1. Programmable Paper Cutting Machine The 200 suites support the functions such as memory, storage, and dynamic tracking. Our automatic paper cutter adopts Mitsubishi digital AC servo system. In the meantime, the double guide rail and the ball screw enable paper feeding speed up to 18m/min. This paper cutting equipment is well received by our client.
    1. Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine (Digit Display) Thanks to the secondary enveloping worm gear speed reducer, the automatic paper cutting equipment offers reliable operation, high accuracy, powerful cutting force, high cutting efficiency, and fast cutting speed.
    1. Paper Lifter The paper material is lifted automatically for cutting. So, operator can convey the paper to the paper jogging machine or paper cutting machine at a reasonable height.
      By virtue of the professional paper lifting function, the cutting efficiency has been improved by 10%.
    1. Paper Unloader This automatic paper unloader is engineered with pneumatic system to control paper clamping, preventing the paper corner from being damaged by external force.
      Employing anti-collision flexible bumper, the high safety paper unloading equipment is well protected from accidental impacting during operation.