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YAD-K3 auto register rotogravure printing machine

YAD-K 3 Computer Auto Register Gravure Printing Machine

The YAD-K3 auto register rotogravure printing machine is designed for cost effective, automatically controlled high quality printing operations. Our rotogravure machines are suitable for printing on a variety of different plastic and paper materials.
Note: optional horizontal color register structure, double sided printing structure, electronic transmission structure

Main characteristic:
1. Independent heavy duty type frame
2. Large gear box for shaft-less plate cylinder loading
3. Unwinding and rewinding with double roll non-stop material roll changing
4. Four floating rollers and seven motor closed loops for tension control
5. High output speed with incredible precision
6. Water and air cooling systems
7. Double screw rod longitudinal auto color register
8. Three direction adjustable double shaft pneumatic control scraping blade (movement: ±6mm)
9. External type independent heating system
10. Touch screen controller for tension controlling
11. High static picture and precision color register system

Main technical specifications:
Model YAD-8800K3 YAD-81100K3
Inner diameter of core 76mm 76mm
Diameter of material 600mm 600mm
Diameter of printing plate 100-300mm 100-300mm
Max. printing width 800mm 1100mm
Register precision 0.08mm 0.08mm
Max. speed 260m/min 260m/min
Overall dimensions(mm) 16225x2495x2965 16225x2895x2965
Total power 155kw 180kw
Weight 23000kg 28000kg