Paper Cup Sleeve Forming Machine, JBZ-BG

The paper cup sleeve forming machine JBZ-BG is a multi-function paper cup sleeve making equipment developed based on the latest market demand. It supports automatic paper feeding, gelatinizing, sealing, bottom curling, bottom shaping, paper cup feeding, sizing, cup & sleeve bonding, finished product collecting, as well as the functions such as photoelectric detection, failure warning, etc.

The advanced technology and the reasonable design make convenient machine operation and maintenance possible. Our paper cup sleeve forming machine can be matched with paper cup forming machine and paper bowl forming machine. The sleeve can be stuck to the paper cup with or without hollow space, and the paper cup sleeve can be corrugated. Based on the forming type of the paper cup sleeve, this paper bowl sleeve forming machine can be designed with hot melt adhesive device or ultrasonic wave unit for sticking sleeve.

Technical Parameters of Paper Cup Sleeve Forming Machine
Model JBZ-BG
Cup size 6-16oz paper cup, 12-40oz paper bowl
Sleeve material PE-coated paper, manila paper board
Production capacity 32-45pcs/min
Power source 380V/50Hz
Total power 4kW
Weight 2000kg
Packing size (L×W×H) 3100×1250×1600mm
Air source 0.2m3/min, 0.6MPa (Prepared by customer)