Paper Tube Curling and Sealing Machine, JY-CS400

The paper tube curling and sealing machine JY-CS400 is generally employed for producing paper tube for roll paper, BOPP film, and other industrial materials.

1. Low cost, high practicability, and stable performance.
2. The paper tube forming equipment supports automatic cutting and unloading. The cutting speed will change and restore, automatically.
3. PLC control system and touch screen HMI bring more convenience to the users during operation.
4. The circular cutting knife for the automatic paper tube machinery enables smooth cutting edge and stable performance of the paper tube curling and sealing machine.
5. For good durability, we particularly manufacture the paper tube curling machine with stainless steel glue feeding unit, PU cutter and high-carbon steel carton cutter.
6. This paper tube sealing equipment supports automatic gelatinizing.

Technical Parameters of Paper Tube Curling and Sealing Machine
Tube diameter 20-400mm
Tube wall-thickness 1-5mm
Tube length 20-500mm
Air pressure 0.2-0.6MPa
Main motor 2.2kW
Touch screen MCGS
PLC Delta
Working speed 10-20pcs/min
Operating mode Manual feeding
Overall dimension 800×900×2000mm
Weight 800kg