Slitting Machine

    1. Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Machine The paper slitting equipment comes with an automatic paper folding and inserting system.
      A touch screen PLC control system is utilized for control of its electrical components.
      Automatic unwinding and automatic tension control can be achieved through programming.
    1. Horizontal Automatic Slitting Machine Characterized by rapid cutting speed and neat cutting effect, the high-speed cutting equipment has the function of mechatronics control, automatic deviation rectifying, automatic counting, automatic shutdown upon completion of task, constant tension control, and variable speed control.
    1. High Speed Slitting Machine Control system of this converting machine is integrated with the machine body, ensuring high level of automation and flexible operation.
      Raw material holder of this slitter employs LPC fully automatic deviation control system.
    1. MQGB-B High Precision IML Punching Machine The high precision IML punching machine is designed for punching aluminum foil lids along with PE, PP, and PET laminated aluminum foil. Its punching mold is specially designed to minimize scrap and increase longevity.
    1. LSJ60 Slitting and spooling machine LSJ60 slitting and spooling machine is mainly used to rewind 5000 meters of cigarette package tear tape. It features with high automation, high production efficiency, high product precision, etc. This machine is produced following domestic and abroad advanced technologies.
    1. LFT32 Slitting and Spooling Machine LFT32 slitting and spooling machine is mainly used to manufacture tear tape in package box or package bag for foods, wine, medicine, cosmetics, tape and other products. This machine has advantages of high automation, high production efficiency and high product precision.