Carton Box Erecting Machine, LT800

The carton box erecting machine LT800 is generally applied for producing carton box for the fast-food industry, including Mcdonald's, KFC, Burger King, etc. The carton box erector can be used for making baking food box, hamburger box, chips box, among others.

1. The carton box erecting machine is designed in compact structure for convenient installation.
2. It comes with automatic counting function.
3. The small load power and the frequency control on motor speed enable stable operation and high working accuracy.
4. For high automation, this carton box erecting machine is installed with PLC. Apart from simple operation and convenient adjustment, the carton box forming machine offers low failure rate.
5. The servo control system is optional for the carton box making equipment to achieve high stability, small vibration, and high accuracy.

Technical Parameters of Carton Box Erecting Machine
Paper weight Cardboard from 200gsm to 600gsm
Corrugated paper thickness Corrugated board thickness up to 1.5mm
Corrugated paper length L 100mm-450mm
Corrugated paper width B 100mm-580mm
Wing height H 15mm-200mm
Height of wing and lid H1 50mm-200mm
Taper 5°-40°
Max. production speed 100pcs/min(depending on the product)
Opening width of cutting edge Min. 1mm, adjustable