Manual Screen Printing Machine, WPKB

For our WPKB series of screen printing machines, the ink scraper adopts pneumatic feeding. The machine also makes use of frequency control, and stepless speed regulation, which help ensure stable running. Moreover, the screen printing machine features vacuum absorption, microadjustment and honeycombed aluminum alloy stainless steel working table, which can move smoothly up and down, sideways and back and forth. It has three operation modes, i.e. one-shot mode, manual mode, and continuous mode. Controlled by computer, our screen printing machine has reliable operation, low failure rate and long service life.

Model and Size WPKB-6090 WPKB-4060 WPKB-14010 WPKB-9880
Max printing area(mm) 600×900 400×600 1400×1000 1000×800
Max printing speed(p/h) 1200 1200 800 900
Table size(mm) 800×1000 600×700 1500×1200 1100×1000
Table adjustment of longitudinal and
horizontal (mm)
±5mm ±10mm ±5mm ±5mm
Power(KW) 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0