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XF Fully Automatic Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

The XF wing (180°) full automatic cylinder screen printing machine is an automatic flat screen press designed for high efficiency operation (significantly highly than diploid printing). The high precision printer is suitable for printing in bulk screen production. The equipment is compatible with 120-350gsm materials often used for paper products including wine cases, toiletry packages, posters and many others.

Main Specification:
Model XF-720 XF-780 XF-1020
Max. paper dimension 720×520mm 780×540mm 1020×720mm
Min. paper dimension 350×270mm 350×270mm 560×350mm
Max. printing dimension 720×500mm 780×520mm 1020×700mm
Paper thickness 120-400gsm 120-400gsm 120-400gsm
Border ≤15mm ≤15mm ≤15mm
Printing plate dimension 880×880mm 940×940mm 1280×1140mm
Max. printing speed 1000-3600pcs/h 1000-3300pcs/h 1000-3000pcs/h
Power 10.22kw 10.22kw 10.32kw
Weight 3500kg 3800kg 4900kg
Overall dimensions 4100×1200×1270mm 4100×2100×1270mm 4570×2700×1430mm