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Jumbo Paper Roll Slitter Rewinder Machine, JY-SZ1600

The JY-SZ1600 jumbo paper roll slitter rewinder machine is suitable for slitting and rewinding all kinds of kraft paper, carton lining paper, printing paper and art paper.

1. The slitting rewinding machine adopts dual blade slitting method, with thickened blades.
2. After slitting, both sides of the paper tape are smooth and flat, and free from blur.
3. With this slitter rewinder machine, the rewinding paper roll is firm and strong, and has flat end faces.
4. The converting machine is equipped with a computer controlled web guiding system which can automatically correct the deviation.
5. Through the touch screen control panel, you can complete all operations.
6. The paper slitter rewinder machine features high production capacity. One machine can guarantee the requirements of 3 paper roll winding machines.
7. This range of machine is constructed from steel plate, ensuring elegant and eye-catching appearance.
8. Pneumatic discharging allows easy operation.
9. This slitter rewinder employs double braking system which ensures more uniform tension.

Technical Parameters of Jumbo Paper Roll Slitter Rewinder Machine
Jumbo paper roll width 25-1600mm
Unwinder diameter 1300mm
Rewinder diameter 800mm
Slitting speed 0-300m/min
Paper thickness 20-900g
Rewinding method Air expanding shaft
Blade quantity 21 pairs
Feeding way Pneumatically controlled
Speed control Frequency inverter
Power supply 380V 3-phase
Unwinder size 1500×2350×1200mm
Rewinder size 1450×2600×1500mm
Upper blade 105×70×4
Lower blade 105×70×4
Weight 3000kg