Paper Cup Forming Machine

    1. Medium-speed Paper Cup Forming Machine The production process includes automatic material feeding, cup body forming and sealing, cup rim lubricating, cup bottom punching, bottom paper positioning, bottom heating, rolling, cup rim curling, finished product conveying, etc.
    1. High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine, JBZ-12H It products single and double side PE paper cup through the procedure of automatic paper feeding, sealing, silicon oil lubrication, bottom punching, heating knurling, curling and cup can be of for beverage, ice cream etc.
    1. Reel Paper Die-cutting Machine (High Speed Automatic Type) Our reel paper die cutting equipment is applicable for both blank paper and printed paper. The pneumatic clutch helps us realize reliable and rapid die cutting performance. Safe and orderly, the high speed reel paper die cutter adopts special stacking mode for the finished product, which is capable of getting rid of the waste, completely.
    1. Paper Cup Sleeve Forming Machine The sleeve can be stuck to the paper cup with or without hollow space, and the paper cup sleeve can be corrugated. Based on the forming type of the paper cup sleeve, this paper bowl sleeve forming machine can be designed with hot melt adhesive device or ultrasonic wave unit for sticking sleeve.
    1. JBZ-B Paper Cup Sleeve Forming Machine The JBZ-B paper cup sleeve forming machine was designed and developed as a multifunctional piece of equipment for the production of paper cup sleeves. The machine features an automatic paper feeding system, sealer and gluing unit.
    1. Plastic Lids Making Machine The material unwinding, forming, punching, cutting, and rewinding can be completed synchronously.
      Controlled by servo motor, the plastic lids forming machine is designed in compact structure for stable and simple operation.