Paper Roll Wrapping Machine, TCJ-RS

1. The paper roll wrapping machine TCJ-RS has the function of automatic film wrapping, tightening, labeling, and so on.
2. Our paper roll packing machine can be used together with bobbin cutter to construct the full automatic production line.
3. Characterized by high efficiency, energy conservation, nice appearance, and stable performance, the tissue paper roll wrapper is an ideal choice for the production of gift wrapping paper, wallpaper, sticky note, etc.
4. The paper roll packaging equipment can take place of the imported paper roll wrapping machine.

Technical Parameters
Max. speed 60pcs/min
Roll diameter 25mm-65mm
Effective width 350mm-800mm, 450mm-1050mm
Total power 30kW
Overall dimension 4.5×1.5×1.8m ,6×1.5×1.8m
Color Green paper roll wrapping machine