Paper Tube Labeling Machine, HD-500/650

Our paper tube labeling machine is particularly developed for composite can, tea caddy, wine can, and other paper cans for packaging.

1. The rapid cooling of the hot melt adhesive is conducive to the elimination of the upwarp of the label end. So, the label can be perfectly attached to the can body for further processing.
2. Thanks to the PLC for the paper tube labeling machine, user can set up the parameters on the composite can labelling machine.
3. An imported clutch and the PU rubber covered roller make for stable label feeding performance of the paper tube machinery.
4. Installed with automatic temperature controller, the automatic paper tube labeling equipment provides accurate control on the glue temperature.
5. The double thermal insulation layer for the hot plate of the paper tube labeling machine has optimal heating performance, capable of saving 50% energy for the users.
6. The default glue thickness can be adjusted easily and accurately, enabling the saving in the consumption of the hot melt adhesive.
7. Conveniently and practically, both the main glue feeding device and the side glue feeding device are available with this paper tube labeling machine.
8. The automatic unloading device is conducive to the high productivity of the paper can labeling machine.

Technical Parameters
Model HD-500 HD-650
Paper Tube Diameter Φ32-200mm Φ32-200mm
Label Width 60-500mm 60-650mm
Heating Power 3.0kW 3.2kW
Weight 370kg 450kg
Overall Dimension (With unloading guideway) 1070×1050×1500mm 1070×1100×1500mm 1220×1050×1500mm 1220×1100×1500mm
Voltage 220V 1-phase 220V 1-phase
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa 0.6-0.8MPa
Labeling Speed 40m/min 40m/min