Intermittent PS Label Offset Printing Machine ZX-320

Features of Intermittent PS Label Offset Printing Machine:
1. Control system: adopt German servo control and operating system, which is free from roller change and easy and convenient to operate
2. Printing unit: adopt quality heavy offset printing unit, which is composed of 19 pieces of ink rollers (including 4pcs of form rollers) and 4 pieces of water rollers and has good ink circulating system, thus effectively avoiding streak trouble and ghost image and improving the printing quality
3. Shaftless transmission system: every printing unit is transmitted by an independent servo motor and there are 14 sets of servo motors in total for the whole offset printing machine (6-color) to ensure the exact color registering during high speed operation.
4. Positioning system: it just needs to input the printing length on the main control panel, and each printing unit will be moved to the presetting position automatically, thereby largely saves time and materials when adjusting the color register.
5. Color registering system: the vertical and horizontal motions of every printing unit are all controlled by independent motor; under the help of still image monitoring system, the vertical & horizontal registering can be regulated on the main control console without stopping the machine, resulting in enhanced printing quality and increased productivity.
6. Super large printing area: 300X350mm, the maximum perimeter could be reached at 350mm; by high-precision photoelectric tracking device, it can ensure multi-register printing on both-side, achieving various label printing patterns
7. Each printing unit equips clutch device to stop independently by lifting away when needed
8. Multi-options: UV varnishing unit, rotary die-cutting unit are optional, the UV varnishing unit can be used for spot and full varnishing; rotary die-cutting unit adopts magnetic die-cutting cylinders, on which different patterns only need to replace different flexible die plate, resulting in easy operation and low cost.
9. Touch LCD, faster CPU, 12 inch display area, powerful human-computer dialogue system, multi-aspect inspection display interface and instant alarm signal, make operation easier, more efficient and time saving.

Application of Intermittent PS Label Offset Printing Machine:
Adopting PS plate intermittent printing, this kind of converting machinery is suitable for printing small-volume, medium-scale and large quantities of high-grade adhesive labels.

Technical Specification of PS Label Offset Printing Machine:
Printing speed 50-180T/Min
Printing color 2-6colors
Max. printing length 350mm
Max. web width 320mm
Max. printing width 300mm
Max. unwinding dia.: diameter 600mm
Max. rewinding dia: diameter 600mm
Power supply 3 phase 380V
Total power: 33.6kw (without UV power)
Main machine size 8850mm×1600mm×1850mm(L×W×H)
Machine weight about 9.5t