Sheet Cutting Machine (GQD1400)

GQD-1400 Rotary Sheet Cutting Machine

1. The sheet cutting machine features a servo motor driving system for consistent length control.
2. Rotary blade cutting style.
3. Sophisticated PLC control.
4. Long lasting and reliable cutting blade.
5. Advanced paper corner adjustment technology to ensure highly precise angles.
6. Step-less adjustment for paper feeding allowing single sheet feeding and smooth overlapping.
7. Automatic patting for paper collecting systems, with automatic counting and label application functions.

Cutting style Rotary cutting (upper blade rotary, lower blade fixed)
Max. Cutting width 1400mm
Max. diameter of material ∮1600mm
Cutting length 400-1450mm
Paper thickness range 45~550gsm
Max cutting frequency 250times/min
Max speed ≤250m/min
Cutting speed ≤130m/min (40-150gsm) (double unwinding)
≤200m/min (150-500gsm) (single unwinding)
Cutting Accuracy ±0.4mm
Max height of stacking 1300mm
Power supply AC 380V/3P/50Hz
Total power 26KW
Overall dimensions 10000×4000×2300mm
(L×W×H) 1200×2280×1400mm
Weight 10000kg