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Paper Bag Forming Machine (Sheet Feeding), ZB1100A

Suitable for creased special paper, glazed paper and PE coated paper, the paper bag forming machine is a kind of paper bag making equipment for the production of hand bag for middle and high-grade product or luxury. The raw material feeding speed is adjustable through the variable frequency speed controller. Supporting automatic positioning, the front lay and the side lay help realize stable paper feeding.

1. Our paper bag forming machine supports automatic gelatinizing, accordion folding, compressing, shaping, and discharging.
2. Thanks to the patented technologies, this high-grade paper bag making machinery is distinguished by high accuracy, rapid operating speed, and convenient control.
3. The paper bag forming machine adopts precise automatic positioning system and variable frequency speed controller.
4. The digital display unit for the screw rod regulating device is conducive to the accurate and convenient machine adjustment for manufacturing paper bags in different sizes.
5. Time-saving, the paper bag forming machine can satisfy the individual demand, perfectly.

Technical Parameters
Max. Sheet Size (L×W) 1020×600mm
Min. Sheet Size (L×W) 600×350mm
Paper Thickness 150-350gsm
Production Capacity 70 bags/min
Bottom Width 60-150mm
Glue Hot-melt glue
Total Power 6.5kW
Total Weight 4000kg
Machine Size 8570×1960×1730mm