LFT32 Slitting and Spooling Machine

LFT32 slitting and spooling machine is mainly used to manufacture tear tape in package box or package bag for foods, wine, medicine, cosmetics, tape and other products. This machine has advantages of high automation, high production efficiency and high product precision. Manufactured based on domestic and abroad advanced technologies, it belongs to the domestic outstanding specialized equipment for slitting and spooling.

Main technical parameters:
1. Slitting specification: the slitting width is 9mm. (equipped with cutter shim and a cutter shaft)
2. Materials: BOPP, PET and other film reel materials. The base material thickness is 0.025mm-0.050mm.
3. Unwinding: the unwinding diameter is φ600mm and the working width of guide roller is 400mm. This includes aluminum guide roller and rubber roller, plus a Φ74mm aluminum alloy plate air shaft.
4. Production speed: the maximum production speed is 180m/min (depending on the production process). The speed is set via human-machine interface. And the maximum mechanical speed is 200m/min.
5. Overall size: L×W×H=7m×2.5m×1.9m
6. Power supply: three-phase, 380V and 50HZ
7. Total power: about 8kW.

Features of machine structure:
1. Deviation rectifying: it adopts automatic edge alignment and a set of high sensitivity photoelectric tracking and deviation rectifying system (WuXi JingKong,CHINA). the inlet ball screw is controlled by motor to reciprocate.
2. Tension control: the winding and unwinding adopts magnetic power brake (1 set, 2.5 kg, Ningxia institute, CHINA). The tension taper system is controlled on human-machine interface.
3. Side material handling: blowing by a 0.75kW centrifugal fan.
4. Slitting: adopting high precision straight knife (razor blade), the blade is fastened with terminal strand structure. The operation is convenient. There needs machine lamp for lighting above the cutting knife. The tube adopts white energy-saving lamp.
5. Intermediate storage: with the adoption of a group of ultra-low friction cylinder (Fujikura, JAPAN), a group of electrically controlled proportional valve (SMC Japanese product) and combined linkage of a group of precision linear potentiometer and cylinder, the precision is high. Through human-machine interface, the parameters can be set to control the variation of air pressure, with high precision tension mode.
6. Rewinding: it has 32 rewinding heads installed by means of gas cap taper sleeve. It is located high without noise and the operation is convenient. The rewinding shaft is a Φ74mm air shaft. Driven by AC frequency conversion motor, the parameter is set via touch screen. With PLC centralized control and automatic wiring, the appearance is smooth. Rewinding wiring adopts servo motor to control the inlet ball screw for reciprocating motion. The traversing pitch and angle are set through the touch screen. Besides, the rewinding method utilizes winding mode without side wall in the plane. And the slitting specification is controlled by guide wheel.
7. Rewinding core tube: Its inner diameter is 76mm, without side paper tube in the plane. Gas cap clamping mode is convenient to install and disassemble.
8. Rewinding length: Product length is controlled by using precision coder to directly contact with the traction roller, so it is accurate. The length can be set on the human-machine interface with automatic count. It can be reset and zero cleared.
9. Motor: traction and rewinding separately employs 1 set 2.2kW and 3kW frequency conversion motor (ZHEJIANG ZHONGLONG, CHINA ), plus 1 set 1.5kW and 3.7kW vector frequency conversion controller (YASKAWA, JAPAN). Wiring adopts a 1.3kW servo motor and a 1.3kW servo driver from Chinese INOVANCE.
10. Electric control: It uses Chinese INOVANCE servo system control, Beijing Kunluntongtai human-machine interface and a Chinese INOVANCE PLC (programmable logical controller). All transition parts has emergency stop switch. It also has electric cabinet for whole machine centralized control.
11. The working light is installed on the rewinding and unwinding parts.
12. Wallboard thickness: the wallboard adopts 40mm steel plate with aging treatment, which is machined by CNC machining center to ensure the size precision.