Paper Roll Rewinding Machine, TCJ-FJ

The paper roll rewinding machine TCJ-FJ is specially offered for cutting and winding paper and film. It is particularly suitable for hard core paper, soft core paper, non-core paper, as well as the small roll paper, such as gift roll paper, advertisement paper, wall paper, and some others.

1. The coreless paper roll rewinder employs PLC system, servo motor and 5.7 inch touch screen from Taiwan.
2. A 2.5kg magnetic powder clutch is installed on the paper roll rewinding machine to control the tension.
3. In addition, a 5kg magnetic powder brake system is employed to control the unwinding tension.
4. The electric parts for the high-speed film roll rewinding machine are from Taiwan Airtac.
5. The accurate length control, neat rewinding, and stable operation make our paper slitting rewinding machine quite popular.
6. This paper roll rewinding machine can be used together with paper roll wrapping machine.

Technical Parameters
Model TCJ-FJ800 TCJ-FJ1050
Effective width 100mm-800mm 100-1020mm
Max. roll diameter 650mm 650mm
Max. speed 120m/min 120m/min
Total power 2kW 2.5 kW
Precision 0.1% 0.1%
Core diameter 25mm-44mm 25mm-44mm
Voltage 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Weight 500kg 600kg