Film Laminating Machine

    1. Multi-function Vertical Type Laminating Machine High-efficiency oil heating system for the multi-function vertical type laminating machine helps the roller for hot pressing achieve uniform and constant temperature.
      Chrome plated roller for surface sizing is employed, resulting in less glue consumption and uniform gelatinizing.
    1. Hydraulic Thermal Film Laminator (with Slitting) This kind of converting machinery, adopting pre-coated film as the material, can be applied to single-sided and double-sided sheet laminating
      It is widely used for laminating on the surface of window packing paper boxes, various books, maps, pictures, certificates, holographic cellophane etc.
    1. Automatic Thermo Film Laminating Machine, FM1050E FM-E Series Laminating Machine is developed by our company according market demand. It with the features: compact structure, stable running, high precision, convenient operation and maintenance. It is a multi-function machine suitable for water base glue, solvent base glue, thermal film and gluless film lamination. It can use for postcard,poster,magazine, book, color box, paper bag, etc.
    1. Automatic Vertical Laminating Machine, FM-B FM-B Series Laminating Machine is multi-functional product for both water based and thermal film laminating. It with the features: advance structure, high-leveled automation easy operation and high cost performance. It widely applicable for laminating in packaging, books, magazines, and commercial fields, its the best choice for printing and laminating enterprises of all scales.