Label Die Cutting Machine WQM-320

Features of Label Die Cutting Machine:
1. Adopt high-precision flatten die-cutting system
2. Material towing and slice cutting are controlled by computer
3. Three photocell eyes do the web- guiding job.
4. Die-cutting, waste-collecting, cutting and rewinding (or sheetering) can be finished at one stroke.

Application of Label Die Cutting Machine:
1. This type of converting machinery is suitable for die cutting adhesive paper, dacron label and laser hologram mark.
2. It is the ideal auxiliary equipment for flexo printing machine, silk screen printing machine, gravure printing machine and hologram mark printing machine.

Options for the Users:
1.Punching system (for middle or side punching)
2.Hot-stamping system
3.Lamination system, can be installed in different position

Technical Specification of Label Die Cutting Machine:
Model 320 model 320G model 420 model
Die cutting speed: 20-125t/min 20-170t/min 20-170t/min
Max.unwinding diameter : 450mm 500mm 500mm
Max.web width : 320mm 320mm 420mm
Max.die cutting width: 300mm 300mm 400mm
Max.die cutting length: 290mm 300mm 400mm
Orientation accuracy: ±0.15mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Total power: 3kw 3.5kw 4.5kw
Power supply: 220v±10% 220v±10% 380v
Machine weight: about1500kg about 1700kg about2300kg
Overall dimensions: 2.6(L)x0.95(W)x1.4(H)(m) 2.6(L)x0.99(W)x1.4(H)(m) 2.7(L)x1.05(W)x1.5(H)(m)