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Reel Paper Die-cutting Machine (High Speed Automatic Type), JMQ 930

The reel paper die-cutting machine JMQ 930 is a kind of high-speed automatic die cutting machinery suitable for processing common paper and PE-coated paper. It is extensively used in the industry such as printing, packaging, paper cup, and some others. Pulled by the stepping motor of the reel paper die cutter, the raw paper is delivered to the die cutting device, smoothly. The feeding quantity can be regulated through the operation on the touch screen.

Thanks to the servo motor control system, the reel paper die-cutting machine is capable of working smoothly and accurately. Our reel paper die cutting equipment is applicable for both blank paper and printed paper. The pneumatic clutch helps us realize reliable and rapid die cutting performance. Safe and orderly, the high speed reel paper die cutter adopts special stacking mode for the finished product, which is capable of getting rid of the waste, completely.

Technical Parameters of Reel Paper Die-cutting Machine
Model JMQ930
Max. die cutting area 880×500mm
Cutting line length <25m
Working speed 60-110 times/min, depending on the paper weight
Main power 7.5kW
Raw material 50-450g/m2
Air source 0.6m3/min, 0.8MPa(Prepared by customer)
Weight 5.5 tons
Dimension 4550mm×2100mm×1700mm