Rotary Sheet Cutting Machine

Features of Rotary Sheet Cutting Machine
1. This is a high level rotary sheet cutting machine designed for cigarettes package industry.
2. PLC center control system is utilized for its main electrical system. Meanwhile, the machine has a man-machine interface to offer dynamic display of operation conditions.
3. Constant length servo driving system is imported from Japan and photoelectric switch is imported from German, which ensure high cutting accuracy.
4. Mitsubishi tension control system is adopted to control unwinding tension, thus ensuring constant tension.
5. The material for making the cutting knife blade is imported from German, which ensures long service life.
6. The paper corner adjusting system of the rotary sheet cutting machine is designed based on advanced technology, which ensures the right-angle for paper corners.
7. The stepless speed regulation for the feeding system ensures smooth single sheet feeding and overlapping sheet feeding.
8. The collecting system of the rotary sheet cutting machine can achieve automatic collection, counting, and label inserting, so as to ensure heaping in order and precision counting.
9. This cutting equipment is suitable for cutting printed roll materials, like chrome paper, gold and silver card paper, aluminium foil, laser paper, etc.

Main Technical Specifications of Rotary Sheet Cutting Machine
Model GQD-1100S
Max. Cutting width 1100mm
Cutting length 400-1000mm
Unwinding diameter 1600mm
Cutting speed ≤200m/min
Cutting frequency ≤300pcs/min
Cutting precision ±0.1-0.15mm
Paper thickness 55-350g/m²
Stacking height 1300mm
Working voltage/frequency 380V/50Hz
Power 42KW
Machine weight 9000Kg
Overall dimension 11000×3500×2300mm