Hologram Production Line

    1. Laser Holographic Equidistant Embossing Machine This machine works to make rainbow holographic pattern Al-plated PET film by embossing way which is brilliant in color, vivid and lifelike in designed pattern, strong in 3D effect with a dynamic vision under any lighting source and angle.
    1. Holographic Nickel Plate Electrotyping Machine It's the special plate-making system as auxiliary equipment of laser holographic embossing press. Based on a mature technology, it's excellent in copying performance and high in fidelity.
    1. Aluminum Foil Metalizing Machine (Washing Machine) This machine is suitable for metalized or hologram embossed BOPP, PET, PVC material, it is able to achieve the partial transparent effect on soft packages, in any position and shape. Machine controlled by PLC, with both water-wash and chemical