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Paper Bag Forming Machine (Sheet Feeding), ZB1300B

1. Taking special paper, glazed paper, and PE coated paper as raw material, the paper bag forming machine ZB1300B is applicable for manufacturing paper bag with single creased paper sheet.
2. It is an ideal choice for batch production of paper bags for middle & high grade product and luxury.
3. The automatic feeder for the high speed paper bag making machine is constructed with variable frequency speed controller.
4. The front lay and side lay support automatic paper sheet positioning.
5. Full automatic, the paper bag forming machine completes gelatinizing, accordion folding, compressing, and paper bag discharging, at one stroke.
6. In addition to the patented technologies, our full automatic paper packaging bag forming equipment also employs HMI with touch screen for high accuracy, fast production speed, and convenient control.
7. Our paper bag forming machine lays solid foundation for standardized production, through the employment of digital control system.

Technical Parameters
Max. sheet size (L×W) 1250×600mm
Min. sheet size (L×W) 500×280mm
Paper thickness 100g-350g/m²
Bottom width 55-185mm
Total power 10kW
Machine dimension 12100×2240×1700mm
Speed 100pcs/min
Weight 6 tons
Glue Water-based glue