Laser Holographic Dot Matrix Machine

Digital Laser Holographic Dot-Matrix Machine with an intelligent system, it consists of dynamic graphic process and control systems; any letter and photo can be designed in dynamic lattice image after process by digital laser holographic lithography plate-making system, which shaped into round, square, diamond, multi-part or curve; besides, its image can be into the original master that's dynamic in any viewing angle under any light.

Technical Parameter:
Lithography area 152x152mm
Laser generator foreign-built semi-conductor laser generator (optional)
Pixel point shape Square, Round, Other
Image color separation RGB, True color, Matte white, etc
Operation mode OC interface
Lithography resolution 158~1270dp adjustable
Min angle of resolution 0.25 degree
Angle range 0~360 degree
Positioning precision 0.001mm
Working speed 25~100 point/second
Working mode as per X or Y, or the shortest path (optional)
Working control software ODS-C1.0
Treatment software Bodalaser-DOS2.0
Control image 8-digital Grayscale image, BMP or TIF
Control system step or servo control system (optional)
Machine weight 300kg
Overall dimension 700x600x580mm
Power supply 220V +-10% 500w
Working temperature 20+-2 degree, humidity 30%~50%