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Middle Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine, JBZ22D

1) The whole steel plate fuselage、inter layer paper feeding design and the style of oil poured lubrication system is Ensured the equipment long-term normal and Stable Work;
2) Short distance double vertical axis combine advanced and high-precision cylinder open type cam drive make every stations high-speed worked accurate without mistake;
3) Single wrap the leaf groove cam structure combine seesaw roof bar design can make the high-speed paper feeding go to the place accurately;
4) Exquisite original creation ¢490mm mold turn-plate design make the equipment work load more light and the speed to be more fast;
5) Scientific and reasonable mechanical is fit Itinerary design can using in premise of exchange mold can make the products producing range 6oz-22oz ;paper thickness 170g-350g .
1. Specification
Model 22D
Cup size 6-22oz
Raw material 160-350g/㎡Two side PE coated paper and one side PE coated paper
Top diameter Φ60mm-Φ90mm
Bottom diameter Φ40mm-Φ70mm
Height 60mm-180mm
Bottom Depth 5mm-10mm
Capacity 60~90psc/min
Main motor power 1.5kw
Energy consumption 6-6.5kw/h
Total power 11.5kw
Air source 0.4m³/min, 0.5-0.8mpa
Weight 2200kg
Dimension 1750mm*1350mm*1850mm