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DRQ-G Multifunction Computer Control Heat Cutting Side Sealing Machine

This machine is suitable for heat cutting and side sealing printed or without printed plastic film (OPP, PP, PE, PET), it is a kind of ideal equipment for making garment bag, towel bag, bread bag and cosmetic bag, etc

1) The whole machine adopts microcomputer control and material pulling by step motor (option: Servo motor control system)
2) With the functions: length positioning, photocell tracking, automatic stop when lose tracking mark.
3) Add double side adhesive tape in same process, automatic punching.
4) Heat dot sealing, automatic constant control temperature, with firm and smooth sealing.
5) Tube film edge cutting, bag top flap folding, bottom insert, heat pressing.
6) Ultrasonic embossing, pearlized film inserting function.

Main specifications:
Model DRQ500G DRQ600G DRQ700G DRQ800G DRQ1000G
Bag length 50~700mm 50~700mm 50~700mm 50~700mm 50~700mm
Max width 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm 1000mm
Speed 60~200pcs/min depend on bag making size and material
Total power 3.5kw 4kw 5kw 5.5kw 6kw
Dimension 3.7x1.2x1.5m 3.7x1.3x1.5m 3.7x1.4x1.5m 3.7x1.5x1.8m 3.7x1.7x1.8m
Weight 800kg 850kg 900kg 950kg 1000kg