GF-B High Speed Dry Type Laminating Machine

GF-B 800/1100 High Speed Dry Type Laminating Machine

The high speed laminating machine is designed for plastic-plastic, aluminum foil-plastic, paper-plastic and other roll type dry type lamination. The lamination machine is noted for its superior printing performance on middle to high level laminated soft packaging materials.
Tension system options: four motor, eight motor, nine motor synchronous closed loop control system.

Main characteristic:
1. Double work station rotary unwinding and rewinding shelf with auto receiving capability.
2. Photocell correction function in the first and second unwinding.
3. Ceramic anilox is shaftless, for quick and easy loading and unloading.
4. Ceramic anilox blade features a pneumatic back press structure.
5. Laminating roll hot-oil heat type options: internal heat type and external heat type.

Main technical data:
Technical data GF-800B GF-1100B
Laminating width 800mm 1100mm
Diameter of unwinding 600mm 600mm
Diameter of rewinding 800mm 800mm
Machinery speed 260m/min 260m/min
Range of heat RT-120℃ RT-120℃
Total power 138kw 149kw
Overall dimensions 11800X3000X3280mm 11800X3300X3280mm
Weight 16.5T 20T