GF-Q Dry Type Laminating Machine

GF-800/1100Q Dry Type Laminating Machine

This dry type laminating machine is highly automated and easy to operate for high quality and high yield laminating applications. The heating oven uses a constant temperature hot air drying system and the heating roll utilizes an internal heated oil system.

Main characteristic:
1. Double inverter speed adjustment.
2. Anilox roller supply glue.
3. Photocell unwinding rectifier.
4. Unwinding tension controlled by magnetic powder brake
5. Double layer pneumatic type open heat oven
6. Four segment constant temperature hot air drying
7. Heated oil laminating roll

Main technical data:
Technical data GF-800Q GF-1100Q
Laminating width 800mm 1100mm
Diameter of unwinding 600mm 600mm
Diameter of rewinding 800mm 800mm
Max mechanical speed 160m/min 160m/min
Total power 105kw 115kw
Overall dimensions 10600X2300X3100mm 10600X2600X3100mm
Weight 7T 9T
Firs base material
OPP/BOPP 15~60um
PET 12~60um
PA 15~60um
Second material
PE/CPE/DPE 20~75um
Aluminum foil 7~20um
Paper 70~120gsm