PE Stretch Film Co-Extruding Machine

Description of PE Stretch Film Co-Extruding Machine:
1. Adopt double-screw rod
2. Two feeding hoppers provide different type of materials
3. The PE film produced is adhesive in one side
4. This plastic machine is suitable for producing LDPE stretch film
5. Its products are widely used for packing architecture material and hardware parts, etc.

Technical Specification of PE Stretch Film Co-Extruding Machine:
Model (small type) SJ-50 SJ-65
Screw diameter(mm) ¢500mm×2 65mm
L/D ratio of the screw 28:1(L/D) 30:1(L/D)
Rev. of screw 10-120r/min
Screw speed 10-120rpm 10-120rpm
Film width 200-550mm 220-550mm
Film thickness 0.015-0.04mm 0.015-0.04mm
Main motor power 7.5KWx2 15KWx2
Heating power 30kw 30kw
Dimension(m) 5.6x2.6x1.8m 6.0x1.5x2.5m
Weight(kg) 2800kg 3000kg