GF-A High Speed Dry Type Laminator

GF-A 800/1100 High Speed Dry Type Laminator

This dry laminating machine is specially designed for plastic-plastic, aluminum foil-plastic, paper-plastic and other roll type materials lamination. This laminator is commonly used for the production of soft packaging for food, medicine and other products.

Main characteristic:
1. Photocell correction function for unwinding and rewinding.
2. Double work station rotary shelf type rewinding structure.
3. Coating roll press is adjusted freely.
4. Options: four motor, eight motor tension closed loop system

Main technical data:
Type GF-800A GF-1100A
Laminating width 820mm 1120mm
Diameter of unwinding 600mm 600mm
Diameter of rewinding 800mm 800mm
Total length of oven 8000mm(three grade) 8000mm(three grade)
Machinery speed 180m/min 180m/min
Total power 105kw 135kw
Overall dimensions 11500x3200x3500mm 11500x3500x3500mm
Weight about 10000kg about 12000kg