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ZKZD-D600 High Speed (three-servo) Three Side Sealing Zipper Stand-up Bag Making Machine

Performance and Characteristics:
1. Whole machine controlled by central PLC control system with man-machine. More stable performance, easy for operation and maintenance. Chinese and English interface language can be shifted easily.
2. Constant auto-tension control for unwinding, LPC edge alignment, AC inverter constan speed auto material feeding.
3. Imported double servo-motor material dragging control system.
4. Main motor for up-down sealing and pressing equipped with inverter.
5. PID for sealing bar temperature adjustment, no touch auto control, centralized setting in man-machine interface.
6. Equipped with Pneumatic multi-function auto punching device, trim cutting and auto rewinding and static eliminator.
7. Temperature adjustment range: 0 ~ 300℃.
8. Counter: quantity, batch accumulation, pre-set available.
9. Operation Method: by length fixation control and / or by photocell tracking control.
10. Punching device: working rhythm can pre-set as continuous, interval or stop, punching time can be pre-set.
11. Material Skip Feeding: one to six times available.
12. Batch Conveying Function available, the quantity of batch can be preset.

This machine is suitable for producing two-layer or multi-layer three-side sealing laminated film pouches with zipper sealing and doy-pack making function which take BOPP, PET, CPP, PE, nylon, aluminum foil and paper as base material. With such characteristics as easy operation, smooth product, beautiful appearance, high-strength thermal edge sealing and high bag making speed, it is a kind of ideal equipment for packing and making pouches.

Main Technical Variables:
Type ZKZD-D600
Max.Diameter of Roll Material Φ600mm
Max.Width of Roll Material 1250mm
Max.Capacity 150 pcs/min
Max.Mechanical Speed 40m/min
Max.bag width 600mm
Bag length 50-2400mm
Total Power 65KW
Machine Weight 7500kg
Overall dimension 12500*2500*1870mm

Remark: Real operation speed is variable due to different punch shape, material and size.