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HDHQ Plastic Bag Making Machine (Auto Punching)

HDHQ Computer Control Auto Punching Bag-making Machine

The machine adopts the materials like rolled films of LDPE and HDPE to manufacture vest bag. It adopts computer PLC control, featuring in high degree of automation, and servo, (stepping) motor to fix the length, photoelectric tracking, auto punch, finished product automatic conveying. It is of good production benefits.

Main Technical Variables
Model HDHQ-500 HDHQ-700
Max.Bag-Making Width 450mm 650mm
Max.Bag-Making Length 900mm 900mm
Bag-Making Speed 30-140pcs/m 30-140pcs/m
Total Power 1.1kw 1.1kw
Weight of Machine 1400kg 1500kg
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 1850*1100*4400mm 1850*1300*4400mm