Automatic UV Coating Machine, SGZ-II-1200

1. Description:
The machine is used for UV coating on various types of paper (80-600gsm). Not only the gloss of the material, but also the moisture and abrasion-proof of the printed material will be largely improved. The machine is good-looking, compact structure, reliable control of speed and temperature, and an ideal equipment for post-print treatment.
Working process:
Paper automatic feeding, brush wheel and electric dust-cleaning, water-wash dust-cleaning, paper surface oil coating, IR drying, UV oil coating, UV drying, Fan cooling, automatic collecting.
2. Standard Equipment:
1) automatic paper feeder
2) Water roller dust cleaning system
3) Base oil varnishing system
4) IR drying system
5) UV Varnishing system
6) UV Drying system
7) Automatic paper collector
3. Main Technical Specification:
Model SGZ-II-1200
Roller length 1250 mm
Suitable paper thickness 80-500gsm
Max.width of paper 1150x900mm
Power supply 380V/3P/50Hz
Total power 80kw
Infrared heating power 22kw
Ultraviolet heating power 3x8Kw or 2x8Kw
Overall dimension 19000x2000x1700mm
Machine weight 8000kg
- Without air scraper device, applying to thick paper specially (250-500gsm)
- Oil coating system, applying to thick paper specially (250-500gsm)
- UV coating system with air scraper device, used in both thick and thin paper (80-500gsm)