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High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine, JBZ-12H

1. Description:
JBZ-H High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine is a high speed automatic machine with multi-working station.
It products single and double side PE paper cup through the procedure of automatic paper feeding, sealing, silicon oil lubrication, bottom punching, heating knurling, curling and cup can be of for beverage, ice cream etc.
This machine has adopted new technology, such as multi-working station rotary mould head, imported hot blowing equipment, and it is the first choice for the paper cup manufacturer.
2. Feature:
1) with advance open type indexing cam structure, high precision making, insure the machine stable running.
2) With imported non-flame heating system, reliability and improve the productivity.
3) Encircling type steel structure, compact and stable frame.
4) All the parts and components are standardized production, easy for machine maintenance.
5) Adopt automatic closed lubrication system ensure the machine long period non-stop working at high speed.
6) Intelligent design, PLC automatic control, with servo motor drive, automatic defective alarming, counting, and stop, etc.
3. Main Specification:
Cup size 6~12oz (to out diameter:∮60mm~∮110mm, bottom: ∮50mm~∮70mm, height: 50~135mm, depth of bottom: 5~10mm )
Rated speed 90-110pcs/min
Main motor power 2.2kw
Electro thermal power 8.6/13.2kw
Actual power consumption 7.5kw
Air source 0.8 m3/min :0.6Mpa
Applicable base paper 190~350g/ m2(single or double PE coating paper )
Weight 3500kg
Packing dimension 740x400x1700mm and 1150x650x2000mm
Remark Paper thickness error margin is ±0.05mm for the same set of mould
Oil spindle lubrication system and integrated steel structure frame
3. Function list:
1 Automatic paper detaching for paper sucking station
2 Automatic alarming while material paper lack
3 Multiple paper (no paper sucking or paper blocking) detection and stop system
4 Automatic paper tracking and bottom paper feeding
5 Monitoring and auto-stop in case of no paper during sealing procedure
6 Ultrasonic probe detection system, o sonic while no paper
7 Monitoring and auto-stop in case of no cup tube during sealing procedure
8 Cup tube fetching device with detector for bottom paper automatic feeding
9 Detect and stop while servo transmitting no bottom paper, oblique bottom paper
10 Cup drop off detection and stop
11 Cup over pass detection and stop
12 Cup on 18 station of machine can be set to separation
13 The machine won't start if the bottom forming has not reach the setting temperature
14 If the machine doesn't work for 5 minutes, it will turn to energy saving mode automatically
15 The cup collecting device with manual cup holding, discharge function
16 PLC control system can set the automatic stop of paper collection while no paper cup coming out
17 The encoder control angle can be adjust at random
18 High position stop function (equipments can be separated automatically after stop-running)