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RHC Series Plastic Thermoforming Machine

RHC-600/500 Plastic Thermoforming Machine

Forming & Punching Station
RHC-600/500 plastic thermoforming machine adopts the most advanced plastic thermoforming technology and was developed to be a forming machine of high production efficiency.It is a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components and the whole was controlled by micro PLC. The machine has man-interface operation. Combines heating, forming, cutting into one process.

Application Area:
It is suitable for forming HIPS, PS, PVC, PET, PP sheet that can produce boxes, trays, fast food boxes, dishes, lids, cookies tray, mobile phone tray & other blister tray.

Main Technical Parameters:
Max. Forming Area 680*550mm
Max. Forming Depth 100mm
Sheet Thickness Range 0.15-1.5mm
Max. Sheet Width 7200mm
Air Pressure 0.8Mpa
Speed 360-1200 cycles/h
Heater Power 38kw (Upper Heater) 29kw (Lower Heater)
Punch Pressure 80tons
Upper Mold Table Stroke 140mm
Lower Mold Table Stroke 140mm
Max. Mold Depth 140mm
Power 3 Phases 380V
Max. Hydraulic Pump Pressure 16Mpa
Max. Cutting Length 9550mm
Machine Total Power 88kw
Overall Dimensions 9500*2600*2700mm
Weight 7500kg