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Cake Tray Forming Machine, JDGT

The cake tray forming machine JDGT adopts pneumatically controlled manipulator for paper clamping, paper releasing, automatic paper slitting, thermal forming, and cake tray unloading. The mould for the cake tray making machine is interchangeable for the production of cake tray in different sizes. The cake tray forming machine is highly appraised by our client because of the high production capacity.

This paper cake tray machinery comes with simple structure. The frequency control mechanical transmission, as well as the automatic heating temperature controller, helps obtain simple operation, high production capacity, and stable performance of the disposal cake tray production line.

Technical Parameters of Cake Tray Forming Machine
Model JDGT
Paper size Φ55-Φ130mm
Raw material Greaseproof paper
Paper thickness 30-40gsm
Production capacity 15-20pcs/time, 20-40times/min.
Power supply 380V/50Hz
Total power 2.5kW
Air compressor Working pressure: 0.6MPa (Prepared by customer)
Air volume 0.3m3/min
Weight 500kg
Machine dimension 1500×1300×1400mm